Buy directly on ALIBABA and send to our China-based warehouse for international shipping

Get our Warehouse Address and give it to your suppliers on Alibaba. Once all your goods have arrived at our warehouse, we'll ship them internationally to you!


 1. Get our China warehouse address and give it to your manufacturers, factories or suppliers on Alibaba for them to send your goods to.

2. After your Alibaba supplier has sent the goods out, do also ask them to provide you with the domestic shipment number (运单号) for each shipment they're sending to our warehouse. Send us the domestic shipment number at If you will be buying from multiple suppliers, you can combine all the domestic shipment numbers into a single list and send it over to us

3. We use the domestic shipment numbers (运单号) to identify your packages as belonging to your account when they arrive our warehouse. We'll then consolidate your Alibaba purchases into a single shipment and ship internationally to you via air, rail or sea. 

Get our Warehouse Address for your Alibaba Purchases

Fill up the simple form below and submit it to us. We'll then send you our warehouse address via email which you can give to your suppliers on Alibaba.

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More about Alibaba

Alibaba Shipping Agent - CNEbuys

About Alibaba (  (阿里巴巴) belongs to Alibaba Group and is the world’s largest online business-to-business (B2B) trading platform for small businesses around the world looking to buy from China. Today Alibaba is a truly global platform and is widely recognized as the biggest online name in global trade. helps to connect exporters in China (along with a few other countries) with individuals and companies in over 190 countries around the world. Today, the name Alibaba is synonymous with global trade and exporting from China. 


CNEbuys Logistics is top rated freight forwarder in China offering international customers the widest and most cost effective range of options for shipping internationally from China to all over the world. If you're purchasing directly from suppliers/manufacturers and just need us to handle the international shipping, contact us at for our China-based warehouse address. If you're making multiple purchases, you may consolidate & repack packages at our China-based warehouse to reduce shipping weight. If you need help purchasing, use our Buy-For-Me service. Enjoy specially discounted international shipping rates due to our high shipping volumes.  We ship to more than 200 countries worldwide.

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