CNEbuys vs Taobao Agents

Compared with Taobao agents, CNEbuys is the more cost-efficient way of buying from China and shipping internationally to your doorstep.

What makes CNEbuys a smarter choice than using than typical Taobao agents when buying and shipping from China?



Our international shipping rates from China are some of the lowest around as we receive special discounts from international courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS due to our ability to ship in large volumes. If you're making multiple purchases, let us repack and/or consolidate your packages to reduce your international shipping costs. 



Taobao agents tend to charge an exports customs clearance fee on a per package basis. CNEbuys does not charge any exports customs clearance fees. 



Taobao agents tend to have a minimum assisted purchase/buy-for-me service fee of at least USD $5 or well over 30 RMB per order. Our minimum service fee is much lower at just USD $1! Furthermore, if you submit several separate Buy-For-Me orders in quick succession before we make the purchases for you, we will count them all as one purchase, ensuring that the service fee for your transaction is minimzed. 



Some Taobao agents do not include fuel surcharge in their quoted international shipping rates and charge you separately for it. At Chinaebuys, our international shipping rates are all inclusive of fuel surcharge. 



Most Taobao agents require payment only in US Dollars. CNEbuys accepts most major currencies, allowing the vast majority of our customers to pay in their local currency unless they choose otherwise. This saves you on currency conversion costs since most payment mediums would otherwise charge a currency conversion fee. Click here to view which currencies we accept.

Many Taobao agents also price up by the products you buy through tbem by giving you an exchange rate that is marked up from the prevailing market exchange rate by greater than 10%, sometimes even 20% or more. In contrast, CNEbuys converts at bank rates. Click here for more details regarding our fees & costs.

Many Taobao agents require you to make payment by topping up cash accounts on their website and having them deduct cash from it whenever you order through them. Often each top up has to be made in lump sums of $100 or more, and often only in muliples of $100. Furthermore, they charge you a handling fee for each top up. CNEbuys strictly stays clear of such practices and ensures that you only have to pay the exact amount due for each transaction that you make with us, without any excess charges.