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How to denote colors?

Describe the color or enter a number denoting the position of the color, the furthest left color = 1, second furthest left = 2 and so on. If there is a 2nd row, the numbers continue after the 1st row and so on

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Denoting Colors (if applicable) when filling up the order form


In some situations, it may be easier to describe the position of the color as given in the color selection rather than the color itself. See the example below.


Use '1' to denote the color furthest to the left, '2' for the color second furthest to the left, '3' to denote the color third furthest to the left, and so on. 


In the rare instance where colors are listed in 2 rows, the furthest left color on the second row should be denoted by the number that immediately follows the number denoting the color furthest right on the first row, and so on. 


Refer to the example below.

Buying from China (Buy-For-Me Service) via CNEbuys

      10        11       12


The above is an example of how to use numbers to denote your color selection when filling up the Buy-For-Me Order Form.


       1          2          3        4          5        6         7          8          9  






Assign numbers in numerical order from left to right, then top to bottom.


Hence for instance if you wish to order the color third from the left, enter '3' under the 'color (if applicable)' field, '4‘ for the color fourth from the left and so on.


If there are more colors listed on the second row, since the color furthest right on the first row was denoted as '9', use the number '10' to denote the color furthest left on the second row, followed by '11', '12' and so on.


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