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Casual AJ Jeans on 1688

How do you go even cheaper than Taobao? The answer is: 1688.com.

1688 is where many Taobao stores and retailers around China get their supplies from. The deals on Taobao are amazing enough but the deals on 1688 will stun you even more by how light they are on your wallet.

Take this stylish pair of rugged AJ jeans with a relaxed fit, the kind of jeans that will never go out of style. If you're buying one pair, it's available for 150 RMB or under $20. If you're buying in bulk, the prices goes down even lower.

That's what's amazing about 1688 - the fact that you can buy even as a consumer at wholesale prices.

Click here to visit the product page for this pair of jeans on 1688.

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