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Shopify, Etsy, Amazon & Ebay Sellers using CNEbuys to buy from China

Shopify, Etsy, Amazon & Ebay sellers using CNEbuys to buy inventory from China

At CNEbuys, quite a number of our customers are also online store owners buying and shipping bargains from China and using platforms like Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay to sell these products in their home countries. CNEbuys is ideal for their needs because we not only help them pay for their online purchases in China (usually requiring Alipay or China-issued bank cards) if they need, but we offer international shipping to the USA and more than 200 other countries worldwide! They only need to have their China purchases sent to our warehouse in Guangdong and we'll ship internationally for them. Furthermore we allow customers to consolidate their purchases from one or even multiple sellers at our China-based warehouse before shipping internationally. Consolidation significantly reduces their chargeable shipping weight. On top of that, our shipping rates (www.cnebuys.com/international-shipping-rates) are structured such that the more you ship, the lower your cost per half-kilo. Many online store owners are buying in bulk from China so this international shipping rates structure is ideal for them. If you're an online store owner buying from websites like Taobao, JD.com, Dangdang, 1688.com, Meilishuo or any supplier or manufacturer in China and need help buying and/or shipping internationally from China, simply visit CNEbuys at www.cnebuys.com to start ordering today.

Shopify, Etsy, Amazon & Ebay sellers using CNEbuys to buy inventory from China

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Buy from Taobao, JD.com, Amazon.cn or any China-based website and ship internationally to your doorstep! Consolidate packages at our China-based warehouse. Enjoy lower international shipping rates!

Chinaebuys is your one-stop portal and gateway to buying from China and shipping internationally to your country. Whether you need us to make payment for you on Taobao or any Chinese website on your behalf or you are able to buy directly and simply need a package forwarding service, we’ll receive your products at our warehouse and ship them internationally to you. 

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