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Buying Books from China

Buying books from China & Shipping Internationally via CNEbuys

Many of our customers at CNEbuys are frequently buying books from China. Many work in academia such as historians, linguists, anthropologists etc. or are simply avid collectors of books especially vintage ones.

Apart form academics, some of our customers who frequently buy books are also book re-sellers, many of whom buy books from China, astutely taking advantage of the extremely low prices of books in Chinese online bookstores and seeking to re-sell them on Amazon, eBay or their own online stores back in their home countries.

The top Chinese online shopping websites that our customers tend to buy books from are Kongfz (Kongfz.com), the books section of Dangdang (Dangdang.com), and of course Taobao (Taobao.com).

The Kongfz (孔夫子旧书网) brand name is synonymous with buying old, vintage and used books in China. Very aptly, the term "Kong" (孔) is a reference to Confucius (孔子), who of course has had a profound influence on China's culture and literary traditions. Kongfz is filled with collections of old and vintage books related to Chinese history, linguistic and literary traditions. This encompasses not just that of the majority "Han Chinese" race but also a large number of the 56 minority ethnic groups in China. Hence academics from various universities throughout the world that are studying Chinese culture, language and history frequently seek to purchase books from Kongfz.

Buying books from Kongfz via CNEbuys

Dangdang on the other hand also started off primarily as an online bookstore like Kongfz, although it has gradually evolved to become an online mega-store for a wide range of products. Today Dangdang remains extremely popular among book-buyers and its books section book.dangdang.com is still extremely extensive. Despite the wide range of offerings found on Dangdang, many people in China still recognize Dangdang as being first and foremost an online bookstore.

Buying books from Dangdang via CNEbuys

Taobao of course needs little introduction from us. Taobao is simply the all-encompassing go-to online shopping platform for any and every product category you can think of, and this most certainly includes a large variety of books related to all kinds of subjects as well. While many books on Kongfz can only exclusively be found on Kongfz.com, you will probably be able to find quite a bit of overlap between the books found on Dangdang and Taobao. Usually the best course of action is to go with the seller with a better reputation and lower price, or the best combination of the two you can find. If you have a particular book in mind but not sure which Chinese website to buy it from, you can also email us at support@cnebuys.com and we'll help find the best seller for you.

Buying books from Taobao via CNEbuys

As always, whatever you're buying from China, whichever online shopping website you're buying from, and whichever country you're shipping to, CNEbuys is here to help facilitate the entire purchasing and international shipping process for you. Start ordering buy telling us what to buy or, if you don't need our help to buy and only need our help to ship, you may visit our Just Ship for You page to get the process started.

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