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First Class International Shipping from China at Economy Rates

More about CNEbuys

CNEbuys is a leading Taobao agent and China-based freight forwarder which helps you ship internationally from China to more than 200 countries around the world by air, sea or train. In this article we focus on air courier shipping.

In international air shipping there are postal services run by postal companies, air freight which entails deliver via commercial airlines, and then there is air courier service which is the most premium of the three.

While delivery via postal services can often take weeks, air courier services like DHL and FedEx typically deliver in just 3 to 5 business days.

While postal services often deliver to your nearby postal office and require you to collect the items yourself, air courier services deliver directly to your doorstep. And if neither you nor anyone else is not home to receive your packages when they arrive, the delivery agent will re-deliver and re-deliver until they finally get you. Often they'll even call you to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

While postal services don't offer you the ability to track the status of your packages online during the international shipment process, air courier services do. You'll be given a tracking number for each international shipment and you can use the DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS website (depending on which courier is used) to track the status of your package all the way from the CNEbuys warehouse in China to your doorstep anywhere around the world.

Therefore, in shipping to you via air courier, what CNEbuys offers you is a first class premium courier service vinclusive of parcel tracking and a speedy 3–5 business day international delivery to your at economy rates!

These shipping rates that are heavily (more than 50%) discounted from what you would get if you went directly to DHL FedEx, UPS and TNT, opened an account with them and used that to ship internationally from China.

We are able to enjoy significantly lower rates due 1. firstly to our high shipping volumes and 2. secondly due to the long term relationships and partnerships we have established with DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS

Therefore this is what makes CNEbuys such a great deal for all of you buying and shipping internationally from China, regardless of whether you’re buying from a supplier, Taobao, Tmall, Amazon.cn, Dangdang, Meilishuo, Suning or ANY Chinese online store, you can use CNEbuys for the entire buying and international shipping process.

CNEbuys is a leading freight forwarder and your number one buying and international shipping agent from China. As a leading Taobao Agent in China, Chinaebuys helps international buyers around the world not only ship from China but make payment on Taobao and other Chinese shopping websites as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@cnebuys.com.

Blog by Chinaebuys

Buy from Taobao, JD.com, Amazon.cn or any China-based website and ship internationally to your doorstep! Consolidate packages at our China-based warehouse. Enjoy lower international shipping rates!

Chinaebuys is your one-stop portal and gateway to buying from China and shipping internationally to your country. Whether you need us to make payment for you on Taobao or any Chinese website on your behalf or you are able to buy directly and simply need a package forwarding service, we’ll receive your products at our warehouse and ship them internationally to you. 

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