Ship Internationally from China via CNEbuys by Air, Sea or Train

Get your factories, suppliers, manufacturers to have your packages sent to our warehouse in China & we'll consolidate and ship internationally to you. If buying from Taobao, also use our warehouse address when checking out and purchasing.

STEP 1: Get our Warehouse Address

Fill up the simple form below and submit it to us (skip this step if you've shipped with us before and already have our address)

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Or Write to us Directly


Alternatively, you may email us directly at with the details of what you would like to ship, to which country, and any other questions you may have regarding shipping internationally via CNEbuys.

What's Next?


After our obtaining our warehouse address, get the seller/supplier to send your purchases to this address in China then move on to step 2 below.

STEP 2: Notify us of confirmed purchases that you're sending to our Warehouse for international shipping

Notify Us

Fill up the simple form below and submit it to us. Alternatively, you may email us directly at

Process Flow

 1. Buy directly and get the sellers, suppliers, factories/manufacturers to send the goods to our China-based warehouse, and notify us of your purchases. If yo will be making many purchases you can combine all your domestic shipments into a single list and send the list over to us when ready. Our warehouse does not charge for storage so you can take your time to make all the purchases you need.  If the factory is located in Shenzhen, your supplier can also drive the goods over or we may be able to collect the goods from them. Email us at for more details. 

2. When all your packages arrive at our warehouse we will contact you via email for your international shipping instructions.
3. We will then have your goods shipped out to you by air, sea or train depending on the size of your shipment and which country you are shipping to. 

What happens after I submit a notification?


When your products have arrived at our China warehouse, we'll contact you by email to receive your international shipping instructions.