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Newegg (Newegg.com) was founded in 2001 by Fred Chang, a U.S. immigrant from Taiwan. Newegg quickly established itself as an one of the biggest names in online retailing of computer hardware and software. By 2010, Newegg had become second largest online-only retailer in the U.S. In June 2010, Newegg Inc.(新蛋), introduced its Chinese counterpart newegg.com.cn or newegg.cn in order to penetrate the Chinese market. Newegg China (newegg.cn) prides itself in offering customers a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and high quality customer service. Newegg is seen as a resource haven for those into gadgets and electronics, featuring a huge range of audio products cellphones and cellphone accessories, computers and computer parts, household appliances, and other high-tech products.

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