Buy-For-Me Service Fee + Domestic Delivery/Shipping  (Applicable only to Buy-For-Me purchases)

This only applies to purchases for which you need CNEbuys to make the purchase on your behalf - therefore requiring the Buy-For-Me service.  We charge a Buy-For-Me service fee of 10% of (Cost of Products + Cost of Domestic Shipping).

Therefore if the cost of the product is 290 RMB and domestic shipping costs 10 RMB, you would need to pay a service fee of 10% x (290RMB + 10RMB) = 30 RMB. 

In addition to the Buy-For-Me service fee, you will also need to pay for the cost of domestic shipping which is the cost of delivering the purchase from the seller to our warehouse, unless of course, this is offered free of charge by the seller.  In the example above, this would therefore amount to 10 RMB.

International Shipping 

This refers to the cost of shipping from your orders from the CNEbuys warehouse to your final international delivery address or a port near you.  To view our air courier international shipping rates for normal goods, please click here. Note that air courier international shipping rates are inclusive of of fuel surcharge meaning we absorb the fuel surcharge imposed by DHL, FedEx and other international courier partners. For air cargo, sea freight, train cargo or shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses, please contact us at support@cnebuys.com with all the specs of your shipment and we will advice you accordingly. 

Customs (Exporting from China) 


CNEbuys works with its logistics partners to ensure your products are cleared by local customs for international shipping around the world. Unlike many Taobao agents which charge a China exports customs clearance fee on a per parcel basis, in most cases CNEbuys will absorb any applicable export customs fees or export taxes on your behalf. 


Customs (Importing to your Country) (when applicable)

All imported goods to any country are subject to the customs tax and duty regulations of that country.  Limits and regulations vary according to the country - what is tax-free in one country may not be so in another. This may also depend on the type of products being shipped. Tax-free limits on imports also vary from country to country. For more information, check the website of your country’s local customs authorities. For certain shipping routes to certain countries, CNEbuys is able to offer DDP shipping (delivery duties paid) meaning no customs duties will be due upon delivery of goods. 


Remote Area Surcharge (when applicable)

International shipments to remote areas that are outside of the delivery agents’ normal delivery route in various countries are subject to a Remote Area Surcharge. This generally applies to delivery to more rural locations. Classifications of remote areas are done by DHL, FedEx and our other courier partners.

Shipments to to remote areas are very rare and only consist of a very tiny percentage of our overall shipments. Currently, less than 1% of our shipments are subject to Remote Area Surcharge. 


Overweight/Over-sized Package Surcharge (when applicable)


Although rare,  some air courier companies may impose an overweight/over-sized package surcharge for exceedingly large packages. For shipments involving such packages, we typically select shipping lines that do not incur any surcharges. Hence this is rare and only incurred when unavoidable.