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What is CNEbuys? (Business Perspective)

CNEbuys is a leading Taobao Agent and China-based Freight Forwarder, helping customers in more than 200 countries worldwide buy from any website, merchant, supplier or manufacturer in China and shipping internationally to their doorsteps. Warehousing for storage, consolidation and repacking purposes within China are also offered to all customers before international shipping. Since 2009, CNEbuys has served more than 500.000 customers, processing the logistics and delivery of over 3 million packages to all corners of the world via DHL, Fedex, UPS, sea freight, air cargo and more.

What is CNEbuys? (Consumer Perspective)


CNEbuys is a gateway for individuals and businesses around the world to buy from China and import to their respective countries. Whether you’re buying from China in larger quantities as a business, or a consumer looking for the latest bargains at online megastores like Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Amazon China, Dangdang, Meilishuo, 1688 and countless more Chinese online shopping websites and stores. We offer you a purchasing, warehousing and shipping facilitation service to meet all your China cross-border purchasing and importing needs. 

Purchasing Service/BuyForMe Service 

Many Chinese sellers/online stores do not take payment from non-Chinese credit cards and payment methods. You may use our purchasing service (Buy-For-Me service) to get us to purchase the items on your behalf. We purchase the items from the sellers and have them send the items to our warehouse address. Upon arrival, we notify you by email after which you can then give us your international shipping instructions. 


Freight Forwarding 


Even if you do not require us to purchase products on your behalf and have an arrangement with your seller/supplier where you are able to make payment directly, CNEbuys is still available to you as a freight forwarding service in that you can still have your purchases/orders sent to our Chinese warehouse. Contact us at support@cnebuys.com to get our warehouse address details. Simply have your orders shipped to our warehouse address and let us know your domestic shipment tracking number. We notify you via email upon their arrival and you may then give us your international shipping instructions.  We then forward your packages to our international courier partners for international shipping from China to your final overseas delivery address. 



Whenever your orders (whether purchased by us or directly by you) arrive at our warehouse, we measure package dimensions and physical weight before  storing the packages on your behalf while we await your shipping instructions. Many of our customers who are buying from China as consumers select to ship their items almost immediately upon arrival, while others may choose to wait for other orders to arrive to further consolidate their packages before international shipping. 

International Shipping 

CNEbuys works with its logistics and courier partners to ship your goods internationally from China to more than 200 countries around the world. Delivery typically takes between 3 to 5 business days. In partnership with major air courier delivery companies such as DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, UPS, CNEbuys offers you some the lowest international shipping rates from China. Note that our courier shipping service ships door-to-door, meaning that our courier partners will deliver directly to your doorstep. CNEbuys also offers international shipping via air cargo, meaning your shipment will be delivered to an airport close to you.


Ocean and Train Shipping


We also offer ocean shipping from China to all over the world and train shipping to European countries. Ocean  and train shipping typically costs less than air courier shipping but take longer to arrive. Do contact us at support@cnebuys.com for more details.