Just need us to pay but not to ship?

Just need us to pay but not to ship?

Just need us to pay but not to ship?

International Shipping Service from China by Air, Sea or Train. We'll consolidate & ship your Alibaba, Taobao & other factory/online purchases from China and deliver worldwide to you 

1. Get factories/suppliers or Taobao/Alibaba suppliers to send your purchases to our China Warehouse & we'll ship globally to you, your customers or even Amazon FBA warehouses around the world

2. Purchasing Service available for websites like Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Dandang, JD.com & Kongfz if needed

3. You may consolidate packages from multiple sellers into a single shipment at our warehouse to minimize your international shipping costs

  1.  Tell us what to buy or if you're buying directly and just need us to ship, contact us for our China-based warehouse address

  2. Either way, the sellers send your purchases to our warehouse where you may store/consolidate purchases before international shipping

  3. We'll ship worldwide to you, your customers or Amazon warehouses   

Start Shipping Now

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  1. Submit a Buy-For-Me Order to us.

  2. We'll send a payment invoice to you via email.

  3. We'll buy and have the seller send it to our China-based warehouse. 

  4. Once your purchases have arrived, we'll ship internationally to you or your customers around the world.

  1. Contact us at support@cnebuys.com to get the address of our warehouse in China.

  2. Get the seller/supplier to send your purchases to our warehouse.

  3. Once your purchases have arrived, we'll contact you via email to handle the international shipping. 

  4. We'll ship internationally to you or your customers around the world.


For businesses buying & shipping in bulk from China 

Warehousing, Storage & Consolidation

Bulk/Cargo Shipping via air, train or sea


Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses 

Warehousing Service in China - CNEbuys
Multiple Freight Options: Air, Train and Sea Cargo Shipping from China - CNEbuys
Dropshipping from China via CNEbuys
Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses from China via CNEbuys

Have your goods sent to our China-based warehouse where you may instruct us to store, repack and consolidate your packages before shipping internationally. We do not charge for these warehousing services. You can store goods at our warehouse while waiting for more to arrive for consolidation, minimizing shipping costs.  Contact us at support@cnebuys.com to get our warehouse address

Shipping from China in high volume, cargo or bulk? We offer you a vast array of international shipping options including air courier, air cargo, e-packet (for high volume shipments only), sea freight to port, sea freight to door, container shipping and train freight to door (for shipments to Europe), depending on which suits your shipping profile best. Contact us at support@cnebuys.com to let us know your shipping needs and we'll advice you accordingly.

Purchasing in bulk and need us to dropship your packages to your individual customers around the world? Have your goods sent to our warehouse in China and we'll repackage them for your individual customers according to your instructions and customization requests. If needed, we can also remove merchant invoices from packages and stick on your company logo before dropshipping to your customers around the world.

For Amazon sellers who are purchasing supplies wholesale from China, we also offer international shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses (Amazon Fulfillment Centers) in the US, Germany and India or wherever in the world you would like us to ship to. Have your wholesale purchases sent to our China-based warehouse and from there we'll ship to your preferred Amazon FBA warehouse or any address around the world.

Whether you're buying & shipping from China as an individual or business, CNEbuys is ideal for your needs


Ability to ship all types of products including 'Sensitive Items'

While the vast majority of our shipments from China are normal non-sensitive items, we also have special courier and DDP shipping routes for so-called sensitive items like batteries, motors, electric bikes, DVDs, wooden equipment, toner cartridges, food, herbs and liquids. Contact us at support@cnebuys.com for more details.

Main warehouses located in Shenzhen & Guangzhou (Guangdong), close to 90% of manufacturers/suppliers in China

Our warehouses in China are strategically located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou (in Guangdong province), which is close to 90% of manufacturers/suppliers in China, making it extremely convenient for your suppliers to send the goods to our warehouse for international shipping. Guangdong is the manufacturing and logistics hub of China. For air cargo and ocean shipments, apart from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, we can also ship out of major ports like Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Tianjin or Dalian.

Free Storage, Repacking and Consolidation Services at our Warehouse before International Shipping

Option to store, repack and consolidate packages from separate purchases into a single shipment at our China-based warehouse to reduce your chargeable international shipping weight. Storage and consolidation is offered free of charge, ensuring that you can take your time to finalize orders or samples with various suppliers with a peace of mind, before we ship internationally to you. 



Choose from billions of products on Taobao, 1688, JD.com or any Chinese website, merchandiser or supplier. Here are some of the top Chinese online shopping and bulk purchasing websites that our customers are buying from. After you've decided what to buy, return to CNEbuys to submit your order and we'll make the purchase for you. If you're buying directly from a supplier and just need us to ship internationally, email us at support@cnebuys.com to ask for the address of our warehouse in China.

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Whether you're buying & shipping from China as an individual or business, CNEbuys is ideal for your needs

Already know what you wish to buy? Need us to make payment for you or only need us to ship?

How we identify your packages once they've arrived at our Warehouse in China

Since there are thousands of packages at our warehouse in China at any point in time, you may be wondering how we identify your packages as belonging to you when they arrive at our warehouse. Here's how it works:

Once you've contacted us to get our warehouse address and you've given it to the supplier/manufacturer you're purchasing from, please also ensure to let us know the domestic shipping number (运单号) for each shipment being sent to our warehouse. We use this number to identify your packages as belonging to you when they arrive. You will have to ask the supplier/manufacturer for the domestic shipment number and let us know or get them to let us know directly. 


Once all your packages have arrived at our warehouse, we'll consolidate them into a single international shipment for you and contact you to handle the international shipping to your home country. 

Your Number One Freight Forwarding Solution for Shipping from China

We've shipped over 3 million packages 

to more than 500,000 Customers 

in more than 200 Countries 


Whether you're buying & shipping from China as an individual or business, CNEbuys is ideal for your needs


Global Shipping from China via CNEbuys

You decide what to buy, we'll handle the rest for you

Once you've decided what you want from the Taobao store or any Chinese website, merchant or supplier, CNEbuys is your go-to freight forwarder for shipping internationally from China to your home country. We offer international shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide. We'll laise with the supplier, merchant or Taobao store to get your order sent to our warehouse for air, sea or train shipping depending on what your international shipping requirements are. 

Ship via DHL - CNEbuys

International Air Courier Shipping, via DHL, FedEx, UPS & more

Sea Freight via CNEbuys

Sea Freight Shipping Worldwide (LCL and FCL)

Shipping by Train Cargo from China - CNEbuys

Train Cargo/Freight (available from China to Europe only)

Train Freight/Cargo is a relatively new shipping option available from China. However, it is only available for shipments from China to European countries. Train shipping is an attractive option for bulk shipments to Europe for two reasons. Firstly train shipping includes domestic delivery all the way to your doorstep. Secondly for shipping in bulk, it's cheaper than shipping by air yet faster than shipping by sea. Like ocean shipping, train shipping is meant for larger shipments usually of at least 100kg (may vary on a case by case basis). Small shipments have to be shipped by air. 

Warehouse Locations in China - CNEbuys

Warehouses located close to your suppliers in China

Our warehouses are located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou (both of which are in Guangdong province) and Shanghai. A huge portion of China's exports are manufactured in Guangdong province and so our warehouses in Shenzhen and Guangzhou are ideally located right in the manufacturing hub of China. Shenzhen is also the logistics hub of China and offers the widest range of air courier shipping options at the lowest cost. Part of the reason for this is that Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, meaning we can use both mainland Chinese and Hong Kong air courier routes for your shipments, depending on which is the most economical. Some suppliers and Taobao stores are also located in and around Shanghai, such nearby Yiwu, Hangzhou or Ningbo in Zhejiang province. You can send your purchases in China to our warehouses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai for international shipping.

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Consolidating packages at our warehouse before shipping 

You can use our warehouse in China to consolidate your purchases from multiple Chinese websites or manufacturer/suppliers/factories. This ensures that all your China purchases can be consolidated into a single international shipment before shipping to your country. Consolidating packages helps minimize your shipping costs for two reasons. Firstly, there is a minimum base charge per shipment. Secondly, the heavier your shipment, the lower your cost per kilogram. You can consolidate your purchases by getting each seller/supplier/factory you're buying from to send your purchases to our warehouse and let us know the domestic shipment number for each shipment being sent to our warehouse - we use it to identify your packages when they arrive and consololidate them into a single international shipment for you.